Rising Digital Marketing Trends in 2022-2023

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For some time, digital marketing has been simple get leverage for a business. But over time, technology, consumer behavior, and business models have shifted. There was a 14% growth observed between 2020 and 2021 for digital marketing budgets. It’s mainly due to the covid pandemic that has also modified preferences. All these changes have led to shifting digital marketing trends. 

So, if you are running an online business, you must be aware of where you can put your money to get a good return. In this article, you’ll learn about the latest digital trends that will continue to rage in 2023 and how you must adapt to them. 

Let’s face it. Applying an aging marketing approach won’t work even if it worked in the past. We remain attached to past strategies when we could be looking for new trends to apply. It will save many resources and won’t waste our effort. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here are some latest trends for SEO in 2022-2023:

Link-building in SEO is not good enough nowadays. You cannot waste your time with lesser authority websites. So, use link-building relevant sites whose content is related to your website. After all, quality over quantity matters.

In SEO rankings, featured snippets have gained popularity. They were optimized for smartphones and can cover 50% of the screen. Google also shows them at the top of organic search results as a means to answer most queries efficiently. Featured snippets will always be a game-changer and will continue to do so in the future.

Write Content for Users

In the past, people used to write content to rank for search engines, but now Google only prefers to rate content written to help people. So, if your content is valuable, Google will increase its ranking in the search engine results, and more users will be able to view it.

Local SEO

As technology and Google’s algorithm evolve, AI will impact local SEO in upcoming years. It is predicted that the automation process will increase to $23.9 billion by 2030. 

Taking this forecast into consideration, AI can boost local SEO by gaining a competitive edge for local businesses. Intent-related keywords are gaining significance, and companies are expanding their search engine results with the help of AI.

Moreover, the latest trend of embedding video and images in local content is gaining momentum. Videos can drive colossal web traffic and reach a larger audience. Search engines rank video-related content higher because users spend more time on them. 

The time between 2022 and 2023 will be crucial for local SEO and Google My Business Listings as more businesses are shifting towards digital marketing. So, make sure to check in the market and incorporate local SEO trends to increase online visibility.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

One of the huge trends that will hit in 2023 is using AI and machine learning to work on tasks associated with search engine PPC ads. The experts will optimize PPC campaigns to generate ads based on user intent. 

AI will also help set the bids to enhance conversion at a set Cost-Per-Click target. It will discard low-performing ads and prioritize the highest-performing ones. In addition, it will analyze user behavior, create ads, and optimize your campaign to improve its performance.

Website Development

Website development is also part of digital marketing as a well-optimized site and apps can help engage customers more effectively. 

Progressive Web Apps are the latest technology driving the marketing trend. Features such as offline acces and push notifications which were once part of native apps, now are part of websites. 

PWA allows for greater flexibility, higher conversion rates, and user-friendliness. When Alibaba implemented PWA, it observed a 76% increase in its conversion rates. With PWA, your logo will always be visible, and you can inform your clients about even upgrades. In addition, you can also save money on campaigns by just sending ads and push notifications.

Social Media Marketing

It’s not an exaggeration to say that most people spend a good duration on social media. According to Global Web Index, 54% of consumers use social media to research products they intend to purchase. So, if you want to increase your outreach, you must dig through the latest social media trends and make them an integral part of your campaign.

The rising social media trends include short-form videos that businesses use to engage their potential customers. The days of long-form videos are gone bust. People are short on time and no one wants to spend longer looking at a product or service video. 

Furthermore, TikTok videos are catching consumers’ attention, and platforms like Pinterest and Snapchat are also joining the popularity bandwagon. In upcoming years more businesses will invest in live audio chat rooms. Also, Augmented Reality will become famous, and customers will prefer to connect with the brand and try on the products.

Graphic Design

2022-2023 will be the period of creativity. After the pandemic, people are yearning for connection more than ever. They’ve realized its worth. Hence, the trend for more expressive, bold, and reality-based graphics is rising. You can expect businesses to use retro designs, psychedelic, eccentric style animation, and graphics in social media campaigns. Asymmetrical and abstract patterns are the new norms in business proposals and company profiles.

Radical contrast themes, meaning colors from opposite spectrums, can accentuate your landing pages when put together. This trend is also on the rise. If you plan to redesign your website in 2022, these graphics trends can hook your visitors to stay on your website.

Marketing Agency

If you are going to start an SEO and digital marketing campaign for your business to increase web traffic and boost sales be aware of not using the old approaches. It’s wise to hire a marketing company that knows the latest trends and understands the need to adapt to new changes. 

Mul-T-Media is one such agency that keeps up with the latest trends. We strive to prioritize our customers’ needs and design campaigns by keeping their business goals in mind. Our marketing solutions are low-cost yet effective and long-term to drive a large audience to your website. Our team of specialists covers a wide range of digital marketing services. So, Contact US Today for a “one-point” solution for your marketing needs. 

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