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“We Will Make Sure You Get The Best Results From Google Local Services Ads”

Social signals are votes or recommendations generated in the form of tweets, likes, shares, pins, and Google +1′s. They play an important part in businesses’ online reputation among their visitors. Having a good reputation can improve website rankings because this is seen as trusted recommendations that a website or business receives from people who visit their site.

  • Social Signals Improve Your Website’s Rankings

Social signals are becoming more and more important to the biggest search engine Google. They are paying more attention to them and rewarding websites that have lots of social signals.

  • The more votes a website has the more important it is in Google’ eyes
  • Focusing on getting social signals will get you repeat visitors
  • Google are using social signals to see what content is popular and therefore valuable
  • Social signals will improve your brand’s online reputation and visibility.

Following is the conditions which Google has laid down with respect to PPC ads:

  • Heading – The title must not exceed 25 characters (including spaces).
  • Description Line 1 – The first description line must not exceed 35 characters (including spaces).
  • Description Line 2 – The second description line must not exceed 35 characters (including spaces).
  • Display URL – This is usually the website address.
  • Destination URL – This is where the user will be taken to when the Ad is clicked.

With Social Media Marketing you can reach a targeted selection of potential customers or clients for your product or service in a cost effective way. You can nurture relationships and build loyalty by fishing where the fish are biting. The huge surge in popularity and spread of Social Media has meant that people often abandon traditional marketing methods such as newspaper advertising, radio advertising and flyers. This would be a mistake. The trick is to blend together the most effective package for you by using online and offline methods.

The best marketers are bringing their real world clients into the Social Media world and vice versa.

It will help you reach local customers who search for your business category and your home town like this: Digital Marketing services near me.

  • Reach a larger more affluent customer base.
  • You can showcase your business in exactly the way you want.
  • You can showcase specials and each product or chose to accept orders online or just give a general over view of what you offer.
  • Instant policy information for your customers such as return policy, certain phone numbers and business hours.
  • You can connect with your customer base 24 hours a day.

Digital Marketing increases brand awareness. With the help of Digital Marketing, anyone can make his brand more popular by doing Social media Marketing, Internet Marketing.

It increases and maintains the trust of customers. Generally, before buying anything we first check the rating and reviews of that brand or product through internet.

It is less costly than traditional marketing.

Moreover, you can target a specific audience means we can show our brand to any type of customer whether it is male, female, kids according to our brand. 

Google Ad words is an online advertising system developed by Google, its main idea is to trigger ads related to keywords in the search engine and content sites. The keywords are introduced by the advertisers who determine how much they are willing to pay, as a maximum, for each click and a daily budget that when consumed completely will stop displaying the ads.

No you don’t – you can do a no contract fee however it is dearer.

No we can help you with Advanced Level Digital Strategies for your Company.  It is recommended that we assess your requirements and go from there.

For two reasons – one we can only get one company in that town to the top of the charts – we just believe it’s unethical to take everyone and secondly, having really talented SEO/SEM/Social Media staff with advanced skills are hard to find so best to book in quick!

Link building is simply getting more links pointing to your website pages. The more websites that has a link to your website, the better are your chances of reaching high search engine rankings.

Search engines uses software’s called Spiders to browse through web pages for proper indexing in their database. So, if you’re wondering how a search engine can give you results to your query so quickly, it’s because it’s actually not searching the web, but the results provided by the spiders, in the search engine’s database. That’s how you can see indexed results for more than one million page in a fraction of a second!

It completely depends on your website’s objectives. If your website is built to support your customers for example, being on the first page of Google won’t get you closer to your objectives. However, for a business, like any marketing investment, if you don’t want to get new customers, investing in SEO technology probably is not the best thing for you.

A professional SEO consultant will probably work between 150$ and 300$ an hour. Your SEO consultant can analyze your industry and then you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into before investing your precious money. A good analysis of your industry and keywords can be done in 3 to 5 hours, money well spent.

Some people often ask me if all their pages are indexed, or what my indexed pages are? Nothing is easier to do – Type in: site: (ex: site:

Checking your link popularity is very important, because it’s a working project, you should always work on getting more links to your website.

Type in: link: (ex: link:

On top of your graphic design tools should be one good set of graphic design software (Adobe, Corel, Creative Pro, Illustrator) for the artistic and creative aspect of your work. Some of these can be expensive, and you need to try them out first to be sure it is the right program for you.

On the business end, you also need to have some management software for time tracking, organization, management and to take charge of the nitty-gritty side of the business. This is to keep you efficient without sacrificing your creativity.

Most of hosting companies now offer a search engines submission tool. However, we use 1&1’s submission tool for my projects.

Here are a couple of points to think of:

  • Make sure you are indexed in your industry’s directories
  • There are also some associations in your industry, get more links from them
  • Make sure you have a Google Map in your web site.

Time to evaluate, archive and plan the evolution!

While working on your texts, keep in mind:

  • Your menu item (title) should be your main keyword for that page
  • Your page Title should also be your primary keywords
  • Keywords should be different on every page, based on the page’s subject
  • Use your primary keyword once in your first paragraph, in bold preferably
  • In the rest of the page, use different keywords similar to your primary one
  • Having in-site links is good for your reader and search engines
  • Write simple, don’t use unnecessary words
  • The use of point forms is good for fast reading
  • Write short paragraphs

Knowing the right keywords to use is an integral part of a web project. It helps you:

  • To create your menus and different sections
  • To know what your customers are using in search engines, and by that knowing on what to focus
  • Know around what keywords or phrases to focus your copyrighting (text writing)
  • With your Meta tags optimization
  • Create your search engine optimization strategy
  • Always have fresh content mentioned on your website.
  • You should regularly analyze important keywords.
  • Get links to your website from other websites, such as blogs or forums.
  • Submit some RSS feeds will also help a lot.
  • Be consistent in your content: Title, Meta description, page URL and article content.